We will help you to reach your goal!

Are you facing a challenge that cannot ideally solved internally within your company or department? The BRAIN TRUST GROUP can provide help in a variety ways. By providing information, training and competent partners from the industry for practically every major functional area of business. And identifying sound solutions that are based on experience and perfectly tailored to your requirements.

The Braintrust-Group is a network of specialised experts, all of whom have had at least 20 years of practical managerial experience in top- and middle-management positions in well-known companies.

For nearly all major departments in consumer goods companies, we can provide personal support from professionals for professionals. Our experts guides operate in a close network and work together to find solutions for any cross-functional issue you may have.

Your company will benefit while we accompany you on the road to your goal in a practical, pragmatic and solution-oriented way.

Practical support to ensure perfect practical solutions.

The BRAINTRUST GROUP is different from other consultancy providers in many ways

  • All our expert guides are carefully selected by the BTG in accordance with the BTG quality standards
  • Experienced experts for all major departments of mid-sized producers of consumer goods – all under one roof
  • Each of our expert guides has at least 20 years of practical experience in leading consumer goods companies: Practical experience for pratical solutions
  • All support is provided by the expert guides personally – by professionals for professionals
  • All expert guides are interlinked within the BTG Expertise Network – to ensure interdisciplinary solutions
  • No unnecessary overheads – tailor-made solutions
  • A transparent range of solution-centred offers
  • Help in every single, even if the BTG pilots themselves cannot offer immediate support – quickly and for free
  • Training sessions and forums for professional development – competent and substantial
  • Regular impulses and comprehensive information – quickly and concisely